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AMS stocks a large inventory of Tricone bits ranging in size from 6 ¼” (159mm) to 13 ¾” (349mm) to meet our customers demand requirements.

American Mining Services LLC is the official exclusive distributor for Shareate Tools Ltd products in North America.Shareate products are designed and manufactured to certified API Q1 Specification 7 and ISO 9001 standards. Their extensive in-house quality control system has established Shareate’s reputation for reliability and excellence.

Shareate Tools Ltd is committed to: Highest quality of manufacturing, New products and design innovation, Balancing performance with price, Providing solutions to lower total drill costs

Bit Face Selection

Flat Face

Flat Face bits are a general purpose bit that will work in all rock conditions but should be used in hard or abrasive conditions such as granite, basalt, and hard limestone. Flat face bits are the best choice for drilling in a high silica environment. Flat face bits produce good penetration rates and better erosion pattern.

Double Gauge Face

Suitable for fast penetration rates in medium to hard rock formations. This bit face is designed for high air pressures.

Convex Face

Convex Face bits are designed for fast penetration rates in softer rock like shale and limestone with low silica content.

Concave Face

Concave Face designed for unconsolidated or broken rock. These face features will help drill straighter holes in medium to hard formations.

Drop Centre

For high penetration rates in soft to medium hard and fissured rock formations. Low to medium air pressures. Maximum hole deviation control.

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