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American Mining Services provides premier mining services throughout the country

1 On-Site Technical Support

AMS Representatives conduct site visits to monitor consumable performance and work in conjunction with site management personnel to reduce total drilling costs and increase drilling productivity.
Our experienced representatives are able to assist with: Air testing, recommending appropriate drill bit types for drilling conditions drill string proposals, drill bit analysis, and drill string monitoring. AMS’ R&D function is supported by our flexible and committed factory engineers who conduct site visits to formulate custom innovations to suit specific drilling requirements.

2 Drill Consumable Costing Analysis Reporting

As part of AMS’ commitment to reducing our client’s total drilling costs, costing analysis reporting is completed to  frequently monitor consumable performance and highlight improvement areas.

3 Drill Training By Our Qualified Trainers

AMS’ qualified Trainers and Assessors are available to assist site personnel in understanding how to effectively use drilling consumables to reduce production costs and increase drilling productivity. Our trainers are able to provide both one on one and group training and instruction sessions.

4 On-Site Consignment & Inventory Management

AMS’ on-site consignment stock and inventory management processes benefits our clients by avoiding lag times between using stock and new orders arriving, having access to a wider range of inventory and the added convenience of constant, ample stock levels.  Most importantly, consignment reduces monthly costings as only products which have been used for this period are billed.

5 Drill Pipe & Drill String Manufacturing

AMS is able to manufacture drill pipe and drill string components in an array of diameters and lengths to suit a large range of drill rigs. We are able to customize items using the following thread configurations; BECO, IF, API REG, DIBH and CUBEX.

6 Drill Pipe Repairs, Refurbishing, & Straightening

AMS are able to straighten bent rods, replace tool joints and or apply additional hard facing to tool joints.

7 Service Exchange Shock Subs & Repairs

AMS offer service exchange on Foremost Shock Subs, as well as full and part rebuilds. Complete rebuild: strip, clean and inspect, de-burr and replace seals and cushions (as per Foremost kit listed parts), crack test API Reg Pin, clean and inspect housing assembly, clean and inspect hardware, replace wash-pipe, re-chrome piston surface, and re-assemble and paint.

8 DTH Hammer Repair Services & Rebuilds

AMS supports its wide range of DTH hammers through its quality service offerings, where DTH hammers are broken out, stripped, cleaned, inspected, crack tested, parts replaced and reassembled, by our experienced DTH technicians.  Additionally, AMS carries out the same scope of works at our service contracts located at various customer mine sites.

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