Lightweight Deck Bushing - when Safety comes First.


Heavy, solid, unwieldy steel deck bushes have been the nemesis of drillers for years. Technological advancements and industry innovations in the modern era have seen other drilling accessories reformed, with the exception of the steel deck bush.

That is until now… American Mining Services’ (AMS) light weight deck bush is the solution.

AMS has developed and manufactured an innovative light weight deck bush as a safer and more efficient option. Light weight deck bushes are made from a mild steel top plate, sleeve and bottom plate, which are welded together and then injected with polyurethane.

This technologically advanced process has achieved a 50%-70% weight reduction, significantly decreasing the possibility of sustained manual handling injuries.

Furthermore, the time expended retrieving and utilizing lifting equipment, resulting in decreased productivity, is no longer necessitated.

This industry proven product has become the preferred contrivance of AMS clients. Among whom, prominent brand FMG have embraced the light weight deck bushes stating, ‘they have been proven to last months and pay for themselves time and time again’.

In addition to consistent performance and longevity, the deck bushes are effortless to maneuver when putting them on and taking them off the rig.

The success of the AMS light weight deck bushes is attributed to constant feedback and collaboration with valued clients, who appreciate the health and safety of their employees.

American Mining Services LLC

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